Nicolas Goaziou <> writes:

> Sebastian Reuße <> writes:
>> I also considered adding a regression test for non-ASCII chars to
>> «test-org/sort-entries», but for stable results, one would have to
>> enforce some canonical locale. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to
>> change the locale at Emacs run-time; Emacs only seems to call
>> «setlocale()» once during initialization, so «wcscoll()» always collates
>> according to the initial value of «LC_COLLATE». A regression test would
>> thus require changes to the Makefile, and tests might yield different
>> results when run from inside an existing Emacs process, so I left the
>> «sort-entries» test as is.
> It should be possible to redefine `string-collate-lessp', using
> `cl-letf' so that is uses different locales as the optional argument.

That would work. Though it does tie up the test with an
implementation-detail. Still, probably better than no regression test at

The test will error out if the data for the chosen locale isn’t actually
present on the system. I chose the «en_US» locale in the hopes that this
will frequently be installed. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether
that is acceptable.

> The patch looks good. Thank you. It would be good to add an entry in
> ORG-NEWS about it, however.


> Then we can improve `org-table-sort-lines' accordingly. It can be done
> in another patch, tho.

That’s a good idea, I’ll look into it if I have some time by the end of
the week.

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