Sebastian Reuße <s...@wirrsal.net> writes:

> * org.el (org-sort-entries): Use collated sorting.
> (org-tags-sort-function): Use collated sorting.
> (org-string-collate-greaterp): Add helper-function to use as defcustom
> option, since there is no ‘string-collate-greaterp’ in Emacs.
> * org-compat.el (org-string-collate-lessp): Add proxy to fall-back on
> string-lessp when string-collate-lessp is missing (Emacs ≤ 24).
> * test-org.el (test-org/string-collate-lessp): Add test.
> (test-org/sort-entries): Add regression test for non-ASCII inputs.
> ‘org-sort-entries’ and ‘org-tags-sort-function’ advertise alphabetic
> sorting, but actually sort based only on character code.  This
> produces non-alphabetic orderings of strings in non-ASCII locales.
> E. g., German Umlauts “Ä Ü Ö” are alphabetically sorted as if they
> were “A U O”, whereas sorting based on character-code will place them
> after “Z”, which is unexpected.

Applied. Thank you.


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