Nicolas Goaziou <> writes:

> Sebastian Reuße <> writes:

>> The test will error out if the data for the chosen locale isn’t
>> actually present on the system. I chose the «en_US» locale in the
>> hopes that this will frequently be installed. I’ll leave it up to you
>> to decide whether that is acceptable.

> I used "C" locale instead. I think it is available on every system. So
> basically, the test checks if we are not using string< for comparison.

It looks like «string-collate-lessp», when used with the POSIX locale,
is equivalent to «string<». The examples I tried out all came up the
same, and [1] (headline «LC_COLLATE Category in the POSIX Locale») says
the POSIX collation ordering is the same as the ASCII codeset. glibc
adheres to this too (cf. /usr/share/i18n/locales/POSIX).


In that case the extension to the test case might be better left out.

When I was looking into this yesterday I noticed that glibc ships a
locale definition file that specifies collation according to ISO 14651
(which most language locales derive from), but unfortunately the POSIX
locale doesn’t use that.

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