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I just saw this mail.

   > Hello,
   > As discussed on this ML a few months ago, I eventually removed OrgStruct
   > minor mode from Org code base. 

   > I also removed Radio lists, i.e., sending and receiving Org lists in
   > non-Org buffers, since the two features were pretty much tied. I _did
   > not_ remove `org-list-to-html', `org-list-to-latex' functions, just the
   > sending and receiving mechanism.

This is really bad. That is a feature I daily use in latex buffers. Why
did you do this? Is there any substitute for it. With a similar syntax?

If not tons of my latex files which contain radio tables will be

I really appreciate the work of org mode and that new features are
added. But the philosophy  to remove code and syntax causes mayor
headaches and I don't see the benefit of it.

Templates are another example of this philosophy. I still can't use the
actual git master version of orgmode since the old templates have been
removed and the new syntax is not really explained.

Uwe Brauer 

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