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> Rasmus <> writes:
>> Hi Uwe,
>> Uwe Brauer <> writes:
>>> Templates are another example of this philosophy. I still can't use the
>>> actual git master version of orgmode since the old templates have been
>>> removed and the new syntax is not really explained.
>> Please let me know what you are missing in terms of documentation.
>> For all of the annoyance of losing the old template system, the data
>> structure of the new system is surely simpler.
>> Also let me know about any remaining features that you are missing.
> [apologies if this has been answered in the extensive earlier threads]
> IIUC, multi-letter abbrevs are not allowed. Is that because of tempo?
> If it can be done, could we at least have two-letter abbrevs? I did
> not use anything longer, but two-letter abbrevs were mnemonically
> useful.

There should not be such a limitation anymore, though.

Strings were not supported initially as the keyboard interface to select
blocks (C-c C-,) could not read more than one character.  That limitation
has been removed.

Let me know if you find any other limitations.


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