Gustav Wikström <> writes:

>> Gustav Wikström <> writes:
>> > Ah, you mean the reference on line 3216. No, I don't think it can be
>> > removed. And I honestly don't think it should be either. It's there to
>> > let attachment links mirror the peculiarities of file links. It's
>> > needed for feature compatibility. I don't see the issue with that.
>> > It's a core link type and it needs the information. That particular
>> > logic doesn't affect the parse tree. It's there only to give
>> > attachment links the same properties as file links.
>> I disagree. This is not a core link type. The issue is that the parser
>> should self-contained. Please use a different way to obtain the
>> information; we already discussed it and suggested multiple solutions.
> Maybe time for Bastien to step in. Because I can't remove the
> reference to attachment in org-element.el without breaking it's
> functionality. Which, btw, was broken before adding the reference in
> org-element.el. The thing that started this discussion in the first
> place. We're in a better place now.

It seems unfair to say you can't remove it because it would break
functionality.  You committed 20d293b4a (Give link parser knowledge of
attachment link expanded path, 2020-01-18) without posting it to the
list [0] and giving Nicolas a chance to comment, which you've agreed was
too hasty [1].  Misjudging the situation is of course okay, but please
don't use that as a reason to keep a change that would not have landed
if you had submitted it for discussion.


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