Nicolas Goaziou <> writes:

> In a nutshell:
> `org-link-parameters' accepts a new property, :open, which is
> like :follow, but function installed there is called with a universal
> prefix argument. It could replace :follow altogether, but for
> compatibility reasons, they both live side by side for the moment.
> Also, :export function is called with a fourth argument, the export info
> channel. I updated the export back-ends to handle the new signature, and
> provided a compatibility layers for link libraries in the wild, which
> may still use three arguments.
> There are two new tools: `org-link-open-as-file' and
> `org-export-link-as-file'. They can be used as helper functions for,
> respectively, :open and :export functions.

It looks like a good direction to go.

> Subject: [PATCH 1/2] Extend export tooling in link parameters
>  (defcustom org-link-parameters nil
> -  "An alist of properties that defines all the links in Org mode.
> +  "Alist of properties that defines all the links in Org mode.
> +
> +`:export'
> +
> +  Function that accepts three mandatory arguments :

nit: extra space before colon

> +  Optionally, it may accept the export communication channel as
> +  a fourth argument, in case you need using Org Export tooling,

s/need using/need to use/ ?

> Subject: [PATCH 2/2] ol: Extend open tooling in link parameters
> -  Function that takes the link path (a string) as an argument and
> -  \"opens\" the link.
> +  Function used to follow the link, when `org-open-at-point' is
> +  command runs on it.

Delete "is"?  (Also, assuming the "is" is dropped, to my ears it'd read
better with a "the" in front of org-open-at-point.)

> [ @@ -990,37 +998,14 @@ (defun org-link-open (link &optional arg) ]
> -      (if (string-match "[*?{]" (file-name-nondirectory path))
> -       (dired path)
> -     ;; Look into `org-link-parameters' in order to find
> -     ;; a DEDICATED-FUNCTION to open file.  The function will be
> -     ;; applied on raw link instead of parsed link due to the
> -     ;; limitation in `org-add-link-type' ("open" function called
> -     ;; with a single argument).  If no such function is found,
> -     ;; fallback to `org-open-file'.
> -     (let* ((option (org-element-property :search-option link))
> -            (app (org-element-property :application link))
> -            (dedicated-function
> -             (org-link-get-parameter (if app (concat type "+" app) type)
> -                                     :follow)))

As far as I can see (by looking at the diff and quickly testing), the
file+{sys,emacs} functionality is being removed.  That's probably
okay/intended, given that it was marked as deprecated in 9.0.  But
perhaps it's worth mentioning in ORG-NEWS that this functionality has
now been removed entirely.

> +(defun org-link-open-as-file (path arg)
> +  "Pretend PATH is a file name and open it.
> +
> +According to \"file\"-link syntax, PATH may include addition


> +search options, separated from the file name with \"::\".
> +
> +This function is meant to be used as a possible tool for `:open'
> +property in `org-link-parameters.'"

nit: I think the period should go after the quote (regardless of the
strange preference in American English to put commas and periods within

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