With VSCode becoming ever-popular it seems like there might be some value
in getting org mode working there simply as a way of promoting org as an
excellent literate coding notebook.

VSCode already has a halfway decent org-mode but it doesn’t support
anything from Babel. I’m trying to think of relatively easy ways of adding
that ability. Here’s a thought: Most of babel that technically works
against the document itself, it doesn’t really need much document
integration with the editor. So could you get it working in vscode so long
as someone has a properly configured version of emacs installed locally?
“Evaluate/Export/etc” would just write the document, then use emacs to run
the appropriate commands on it and refresh the document view.

Of course features like the separate editor for src blocks and
folding #results would be nice too, but if the basics could work that would
be a huge win for org.

Any thoughts on the feasibility of this?

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