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George Mauer <gma...@gmail.com> writes:

> With VSCode becoming ever-popular it seems like there might be some value
> in getting org mode working there simply as a way of promoting org as an
> excellent literate coding notebook.
> VSCode already has a halfway decent org-mode but it doesn’t support
> anything from Babel. I’m trying to think of relatively easy ways of adding
> that ability. Here’s a thought: Most of babel that technically works
> against the document itself, it doesn’t really need much document
> integration with the editor. So could you get it working in vscode so long
> as someone has a properly configured version of emacs installed locally?
> “Evaluate/Export/etc” would just write the document, then use emacs to run
> the appropriate commands on it and refresh the document view.

Use Emacs as backend for Org Mode Babel to run in VS Code, This sound a bit of
overthinking. Why not just use Org Mode in Emacs directly? As my personal
opinion, Org Mode is just a document format (of course it's deeply integrated
with Emacs!!) But VS Code can do it in similar way. I really suggest you think
it clearly. And help VS Code team archive this.

And I really don't think suggesting improvement of Org Mode on VS Code is an
good idea here.

Any idea welcome of course. :)

> Of course features like the separate editor for src blocks and
> folding #results would be nice too, but if the basics could work that would
> be a huge win for org.
> Any thoughts on the feasibility of this?

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