It would be very good indeed for org-babel if it could be ported to
other editors. One of the biggest drawbacks of org-babel notebooks is
that I can't collaborate with my colleagues on them, since I can't
expect them to use Emacs.

Aside from VSCode, I think RStudio would be an excellent target for a
few reasons:

- Literate programming is already popular among R users (see also:
  knitr, sweave, Rmarkdown)
- There is a strong ob-R community here
- There are some prominent Emacs users among the Rstudio developers
  (e.g. Lionel Henry, who I think is both an Rstudio and ESS developer)

However, this would be a massive undertaking, and ultimately would need
a volunteer to step up to the plate. I don't have any bandwidth to do
this in the foreseeable future but dream of working on it one day. The
biggest downside -- it would require spending considerable time outside

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