I am currently thinking about how to have
org-forward-heading-same-level and its sister command work together
with a setting of my minor mode org-superstar-mode.  The issue that
arises is that when my mode renders the leading stars of a headline
invisible, org-forward-heading-same-level considers the partially
invisible headlines fully invisible, and hence only works correctly
for single-asterisk headlines.

The solution I considered is making two interactive commands that
simply call org-forward-heading-same-level with invisible-ok set to t
and overshadow the bindings (C-c C-f and <menu-bar> <Org>
<Navigate Headings> <Next Same Level>).  The downside to this is of
course is the intrusive nature of it, and I am concerned about side
effects I may be overlooking.  So I thought it is best to ask *why* the
navigation commands take invisibility into account the way they do,
and whether you guys have a suggestion that may be more elegant than
the approach I came up?


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