D <d.willi...@posteo.net> writes:

>> Probably, it is easier if you just use seq-every-p instead of
>> mapcar on (number-sequence max-pos min-pos -1). The result of
>> seq-every-p will be inverse of the currently used expression.
> Oh yeah, that's much nicer.  I also made the predicate check
> right-to-left, which just causes it to check the text bit of a heading
> first, which is useful for the cases where the predicate returns t and
> makes no difference otherwise.  I again ran the tests and it seems ready
> to go.

Thanks for the patch.  

Does it fix a problem for org-superstar-mode or a more general problem
in Org?

Why do you need to check the visibility status every character in the
headline (even for the org-superstar-mode, where you seem to need to
check for the visibility status /after/ the stars)?

If you use seq* functions, the code will be incompatible with previous
emacsen, right?

Thanks for any follow-up,


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