> Does it fix a problem for org-superstar-mode or a more general problem
> in Org?

It mostly fixes an org-superstar-mode problem (see

> Why do you need to check the visibility status every character in the
> headline (even for the org-superstar-mode, where you seem to need to
> check for the visibility status /after/ the stars)?

There is no intrinsic need for my current application for it to check
anything past the last star, I just went with the most "naive"
implementation first.  If it were just for org-superstar (and similar
modes [1]) it would be fully sufficient to check the heading from the
position of the last star up to the first character past the space, if
present (which would boil it down to checking 3 chars instead of N).

> If you use seq* functions, the code will be incompatible with previous
> emacsen, right?

Hmm, looking at the oldest available ELPA release (seq-1.0, 2015),
seq-every-p should be fully backwards-compatible.  The current package
itself also has a fallback option for Emacs versions <25, so that should
be fine.


[1] https://github.com/TonCherAmi/org-starless

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