Ihor Radchenko <yanta...@gmail.com> writes:

> I feel that my understand of "note" in context of org is different from
> yours. Is there a formal definition of "note" in org?

As I stated in my first post a few hours ago:

   Notes are mostly free-form; there is no syntax describing them.

> However, we can formalise the "last note taken" to "last note taken
> using org-add-note".

This is more realistic, but you are then binding the tool
(`org-add-note') to the syntax ("[!]"), which is a step in the wrong
direction. We must not assume Org mode is the only tool writing Org

> org-add-note is the only way I am aware about (except plain text,
> indeed). That's why I wrote the function saving the last note taken
> using org-add-note into SUMMARY. The property is only used here for
> convenient retrieval, not because I implied showing a property value.

I understand the property was used for convenience, but showing its
value is the only problem your can really claim solving at the moment.

> May I know what are the other ways to add note via interactive function
> in Org?

Capture is certainly one way. In fact, `org-add-note' could (should ?)
be rewritten using Capture library.

I wouldn't dismiss plain text insertion too easily, either. It also
includes external tools. What happens if an external tool automatically
insert notes?

The feature you are requesting could make sense if notes had a clear
syntax. This would bring some interesting features, too (e.g., being
able to list all notes in an entry, accurately). But it would also raise
new problems, as any syntax change (backward compatibility with old
documents, external tools...). 


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