Nicolas Goaziou <> writes:

> Ihor Radchenko <> writes:
>> I feel that my understand of "note" in context of org is different from
>> yours. Is there a formal definition of "note" in org?
> As I stated in my first post a few hours ago:
>    Notes are mostly free-form; there is no syntax describing them.
>> However, we can formalise the "last note taken" to "last note taken
>> using org-add-note".
> This is more realistic, but you are then binding the tool
> (`org-add-note') to the syntax ("[!]"), which is a step in the wrong
> direction. We must not assume Org mode is the only tool writing Org
> documents.
>> org-add-note is the only way I am aware about (except plain text,
>> indeed). That's why I wrote the function saving the last note taken
>> using org-add-note into SUMMARY. The property is only used here for
>> convenient retrieval, not because I implied showing a property value.
> I understand the property was used for convenience, but showing its
> value is the only problem your can really claim solving at the moment.
>> May I know what are the other ways to add note via interactive function
>> in Org?
> Capture is certainly one way. In fact, `org-add-note' could (should ?)
> be rewritten using Capture library.
> I wouldn't dismiss plain text insertion too easily, either. It also
> includes external tools. What happens if an external tool automatically
> insert notes?
> The feature you are requesting could make sense if notes had a clear
> syntax. This would bring some interesting features, too (e.g., being
> able to list all notes in an entry, accurately). But it would also raise
> new problems, as any syntax change (backward compatibility with old
> documents, external tools...). 

FWIW I'd be very happy to see a formalized note syntax. I make heavy use
of arbitrary notes and state-change notes -- what needs to be done NEXT,
how long has a todo been in WAIT state -- and would love to be able to
build more tools on top of that.

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