Ihor Radchenko <yanta...@gmail.com> writes:

> You are right. I missed that \\ is also a newline for LaTeX export.

It is a line break in any export back-end.

> Another possibility is re-purposing counter definition from ordered
> lists. Currently the "\\[@[0-9]+\\]" is used to force item number in
> ordered lists:
> 1. item
> 5. [@5] another item
> 6. next item
> However, it is unused it unordered lists. We might define a note as a
> unnumbered list item with [@note]:
> - [@note] This is note

That's a reasonable syntax extension, maybe too English-centered. Maybe
a more abstract [@!] would be better.

> In addition, all the list items in :LOGBOOK: drawer may be considered
> notes (to avoid a need to change the current format of the
> automatically added notes).

Notes are not necessary stuffed into a LOGBOOK drawer, or even into
a drawer at all. Besides, LOGBOOK is a common word, and it is not
unreasonable to think some user could have used it for other purposes.

Old notes are going to be incompatible (as in ignored by any tool
processing notes, not invalid markup) with the new ones. I don't think
there's a way to eschew it. It doesn't seem to be a big deal, however,
as you don't lose anything by keeping notes in old syntax around.

Nicolas Goaziou

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