>>>>> On Thu, 03 Sep 2020 00:51:04 +0200, Michael Heerdegen 
>>>>> <michael_heerde...@web.de> said:

    Michael> Robert Pluim <rpl...@gmail.com> writes:
    >> OK. Thatʼs as far as my org-hacking knowledge goes, so perhaps someone
    >> else here has an idea of the right way to invoke "tell me what heading
    >> Iʼm in, as a string".

    Michael> The situation is actually like this: the empty string issue doesn't
    Michael> happen with time stamps <%%(...)>, this always uses the correct
    Michael> headline.  Seems %%() entries are expected to return a string OTOH 
    Michael> the headline seems to be ignored.  I guess this is reasonable.  
Dunno if
    Michael> there is something to change here at all in the code.


I can push my change to org, but Iʼm not a regular org contributor, so
Iʼd prefer to hear from one of the maintainers first.

    Michael> Ok, the other thing: broken time stamps with line breaks:

    >> You've lost me. Can you show me an example?

    Michael> The difference here is only a line break:

    Michael> This doesn't work:

    Michael> | ** APPT 17:00 Test
    Michael> | SCHEDULED: <%%(and (or (diary-date 03 09 2020)
    Michael> |                        (diary-date 04 09 2020)))>

    Michael> But this works:

    Michael> | ** APPT 17:00 Test
    Michael> | SCHEDULED: <%%(and (or (diary-date 03 09 2020) (diary-date 04 09 

I think thatʼs just a consequence of timestamps not being allowed to
span multiple lines in org, unlike diary.


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