Robert Pluim <> writes:

> I can push my change to org, but Iʼm not a regular org contributor, so
> Iʼd prefer to hear from one of the maintainers first.

Sorry - I meant, I see no reason to touch the existing code.  No need to
change anything for what I want.

>     Michael> This doesn't work:
>     Michael> | ** APPT 17:00 Test
>     Michael> | SCHEDULED: <%%(and (or (diary-date 03 09 2020)
>     Michael> |                        (diary-date 04 09 2020)))>

> I think thatʼs just a consequence of timestamps not being allowed to
> span multiple lines in org, unlike diary.

This is bad.  Why is that?  Can it be changed?

When dealing with complicated date rules it can likely happen that a
diary sexp doesn't fit into one line.



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