Ferdinand Pieper <f...@pie.tf> writes:

> Similar to ~org-babel-get-src-block-info~ it is sometimes useful to disable 
> evaluation of lisp parameters when getting the info of a lob call. This patch 
> adds an argument for that.
> Better name for the argument could be ~no-eval~, but I decided to stick with 
> the naming in ~org-babel-get-src-block-info~. To be completely consistent 
> with ~org-babel-get-src-block-info~ the argument order could be swapped, but 
> this would break existing function calls. 
> What do you think?

I see no problem with this addition.

I'd prefer to change LIGHT to NO-EVAL, including in
org-babel-get-src-block-info. Changing argument name in function does
not affect its caller in any way. Just need to update the function body
and docstring carefully.

NO-EVAL is already used by org-babel-parse-header-arguments and

May I know if you are proposing this for a specific purpose?

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