Dear Juan Manuel,

On Sunday, 23 Oct 2022 at 15:16, Juan Manuel Macías wrote:
> Hi all,
> As I am beginning to have serious eye fatigue problems, I am thinking of
> buying an e-ink device, not to read books but to read documents. 
> My idea is that it be an Android device and that it supports the
> installation of apk, to be able to install Termux/Emacs/Org-Mode and
> Nextcloud to sync with my desktop PC or my laptop. I'd like to explore
> a workflow where I could read PDFs on the device (and probably also
> text-only web pages with eww) and also take Org Mode notes.

Putting aside the org mode aspect for the moment, I highly recommend the
reMarkable [1] tablet for reading PDF documents.  I have owned one for
several years now and use it all the time (in particular for reading 300
pages theses on the train...).  I do not use org mode on it, however.

For Emacs, some people have hacked the reMarkable.  I have not tried any
of the hacks but the Parabola initiative [2] seems the most advanced.




: Eric S Fraga, with org release_9.5.5-966-g88c85d in Emacs 29.0.50

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