Fraga, Eric writes:
> On Monday, 24 Oct 2022 at 17:42, Jeffrey DeLeo wrote:
>> I am very happy with my Kobo Elipsa
> Your workflow is very similar to that of mine on the reMarkable and the
> two units are similar in size etc.  It's a workflow that is fine for
> annotating documents (which is what I want) but definitely no link to
> org mode for the OP... ;-)

Indeed. Both Kobo Elipsa and reMarkable are very tempting and in a
similar price range. The main problem I find is that they both also run
closed and, presumably, proprietary software. I don't know if my
knowledge (and my time) would be enough to try to hack them. And I
imagine that I would run the risk of ending up bricking the gadget.

The annotations by hand with the stylus are difficult to translate to
Org :-) but in any case they are tremendously useful and save
considerable paper and ink.

I wonder if these devices are capable of exporting normal annotations in
plain text or xml? Anyway, I think it would be possible to write some
python script[1] to extract the annotations and then parse the resulting
xml from there to get a nice and beautiful Org document. Which also
leads me to wonder if anyone has tried that. I think it's a good
entertainment for a vacation...


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