Jean Louis <> writes:

> Additionally "Org Mode" qualifies as trademark in Sweden, where this
> company is registered. 
> I advise to Org Mode authors to defend against plagiarism, as they
> call it Emacs Org Mode -- which is not. I do not mind if anybody will
> complain or not -- I am only pointing out to not ethical behavior of
> that company.
> It would be fine to say that they use headings and TODO things
> similarly like Org Mode, but their wordings for proprietary software I
> find very deceptive. 
> ,----
> | "Emacs Org mode Made Easy
> | 
> | EasyOrg is compatible and comes with many of the functionalities
> | provided by Emacs Org mode, but with more user friendliness. Both
> | Editor and Agenda provided."
> `----
> These words cheat the reader by telling that it is "compatible"
> something, while it is not editor mode, it is probably whole editor
> and software without Emacs.

Are you saying that there is GPL violation of Org mode licence by this
"EasyOrg" app?

If it is true, could you please provide links to legal basis on from
GPL's and Swedish law's points of view?

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