* Max Nikulin <maniku...@gmail.com> [2022-10-19 15:53]:
> Better balanced position is necessary otherwise it would be just weakness in
> communication with people who do not care if some software is free.

Then such people have the chance to learn what is free software. Their
weakness is not to know what it is.

> > I find it unfortunate that some people create proprietary software
> > that uses Org files.
> It sounds like you regret about absence of a kind of vendor lock. File
> formats and communication protocols must be free. There are enough examples
> when free software can not be developed due to lack of specifications. Why
> would you expect cooperation from vendors if you wish to have fences at your
> side in similar cases?


You have misunderstood the idea. I have never mentioned "absence of a
kind of vendor lock" or similar.

So let us close that discussion and keep creating free software.


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