I've been searching all day for a way to work Org-mode's plain list with the 
concept map of Org-brain. My problem is that Org-brain displays headings as 
children of a mind-map parent file, example: File RPG, title: DnD5e, Heading 1 
will be shown in org-brain as something like this...

Heading 1

Text inside of it will be shown normally, however. It also doesn't comply with 
TODO words (doesn't show them), So i've been thinking of using just Checkboxes 
to mark this. I've come across xit-mode, which contains Boxes for Doing [@], 
Abandoned [~] (which strikes the task) and Unsure [?]. I would like to add 
those, even if through customization, like you would with TODO Keywords, but i 
haven't found out how. Is there a way to add those to the cycle list of 
checkboxes for org-mode?

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