Yes, tho headings for To do lists is great and can be used for great potential, 
most people really like to use checklists thanks to the constant habit createad 
by stuff like xit-mode, todoist, google Keep and other checklist and text 
focused todo modes and applications.

To me the greatest thing would come from combining the two methods, a checklist 
that has a lot of flexibility to be used like a heading and the heading that 
indicates a bigger project is in the works conveying the broader perspective 
that the checklists won't have.

But yeah my headings are working as they are supposed to now.

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Em 6 de jun. de 2023 23:22, Samuel Wales escreveu:

> great. so org headings instead of checklists work for you now? i have lately 
> come to the realization that checklists are not always as suitable for me as 
> they seem, and that what i need is [possibly existing, possibly user] 
> features, to be determined, for headings so that i can use headings like 
> checklists. this is the opposite of frequent requests, and early version x 
> wrote: > I got it solved now, found the line to enable TODO headings in 
> Org-brain to > show properly. My initial problem was with the todo/doing/done 
> headings not > showing up in org-brain thanks to its implementation of 
> org-mode on its > mindmap, but now i have the line that allows me to see it, 
> so i got around > the issue. > > -------- Mensagem Original -------- > Em 6 
> de jun. de 2023 13:36, Ihor Radchenko escreveu: > >> Fleur Chrysalis writes: 
> > Ah, understood, thank you for the reply. > >> Rather unfortunate that there 
> is no way to extend it or customize it >> easily. Note that I do not fully 
> understand the problem you are trying to >> solve. It may be XY problem. Try 
> to check other ways to achieve what you >> want. Maybe post a feature request 
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