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> I've been searching all day for a way to work Org-mode's plain list with the 
> concept map of Org-brain. My problem is that Org-brain displays headings as 
> children of a mind-map parent file, example: File RPG, title: DnD5e, Heading 
> 1 will be shown in org-brain as something like this...
> ...
> Text inside of it will be shown normally, however. It also doesn't comply 
> with TODO words (doesn't show them), So i've been thinking of using just 
> Checkboxes to mark this. I've come across xit-mode, which contains Boxes for 
> Doing [@], Abandoned [~] (which strikes the task) and Unsure [?]. I would 
> like to add those, even if through customization, like you would with TODO 
> Keywords, but i haven't found out how. Is there a way to add those to the 
> cycle list of checkboxes for org-mode?

Checkboxes only support a limited TODO-like functionality. Last time we
discussed extending the available checkbox states, we decided not to go
in this direction for Org mode.

See https://list.orgmode.org/2022-09-12t14-35...@devnull.karl-voit.at/

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