On 6/8/23 11:47, Max Nikulin wrote:
I decided that it is consistent with

   nil("mailto:sran...@gmail.com"; (nil))
   browse-url--mailto("mailto:sran...@gmail.com"; nil)

when `browse-url-mailto-function' is set to nil. However docstring to this 
variable allows nil (perhaps there is really an Emacs bug). Now I am puzzled 
why setting `browse-url-mailto-function' to `browse-url-default-browser' does 
not help. I have no idea what should be suggested to users instead of nil.

I've spent some time looking through the code of browse-url.el, and I've been 
unable to alter its code so that setting `browse-url-mailto-function' to 
`browse-url-default-browser' works. But my grasp of Elisp is not good. I'm 
going to make a detailed bug report as soon as I can find the time to make it.

Scott Randby

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