Max Nikulin <> writes:

>> May you elaborate? (Or, better, send a patch)
> The typo in
> browse-url~browser-function
> ----------^


> Looking at 
> Allow for custom URL handlers in browse-url.
> (included into Emacs-28)
>> +(defun browse-url--mailto (url &rest args)
>> +  "Calls `browse-url-mailto-function' with URL and ARGS."
>> +  (funcall browse-url-mailto-function url args))
> I decided that it is consistent with
>>    nil(""; (nil))
>>    browse-url--mailto(""; nil)
> when `browse-url-mailto-function' is set to nil. However docstring to 
> this variable allows nil (perhaps there is really an Emacs bug). Now I 
> am puzzled why setting `browse-url-mailto-function' to 
> `browse-url-default-browser' does not help. I have no idea what should 
> be suggested to users instead of nil.

This is Emacs bug that should be reported.
I do not think that we need to document every workaround for Emacs bugs.
Especially given that Emacs 29 is just around the corner.

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