On 09/06/2023 16:19, Ihor Radchenko wrote:
Max Nikulin writes:

Fixed. https://git.sr.ht/~bzg/worg/commit/60bed811


    nil("mailto:sran...@gmail.com"; (nil))

when `browse-url-mailto-function' is set to nil. However docstring to
this variable allows nil (perhaps there is really an Emacs bug). Now I
am puzzled why setting `browse-url-mailto-function' to
`browse-url-default-browser' does not help. I have no idea what should
be suggested to users instead of nil.

This is Emacs bug that should be reported.
I do not think that we need to document every workaround for Emacs bugs.
Especially given that Emacs 29 is just around the corner.

Debian bookworm (that is about to be released) has Emacs-28.

It is preferable to have a link clearly describing a workaround, at least to a specific comment at debbugs. However I believe, it is better to describe a recipe in Org FAQ and to retain users from customizing `org-link-parameters' if no web page may be suggested instead.

Anyway we do not have a workaround yet.

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