Rudolf Adamkovič <> writes:

> I am not a fan of making the use of in-memory databases into a "smell",
> as per Org Lint, because it would communicate to the user that "this is
> a potential issue that you should probably fix".  I think that is not
> true, given that SQLite defaults to in-memory for interactive use. It is
> common and useful.  Showing a warning has the same problem.

As Max described, it might be a potential issue.
The safest way is when the user sets :db ":memory:"
org-babel-default-header-args:sqlite explicitly. We should not throw a
warning if :db ":memory:" is set by the user.

> Now, showing a message, such as "Using in-memory database", could do,
> but it would feel like spam.  The SQLite shell prints "Connected to a
> transient in-memory database" exactly once, not on every (re-)query.
> Perhaps there is a precedent somewhere in Org Babel, and we could do
> something similar?

Effectively, ob-sqlite starts a new SQLite shell for every src blocks
(sessions are not supported).

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