> I have lualatex installed as part of another texlive package but I am
> not sure if org uses it however.

If you haven't changed `org-latex-compiler' (globally or in the Org
buffer using a keyword), it's using pdflatex.

>> 3. If no, do you mind sharing this file (or a stripped down version
>> you're okay sharing that still has these issues) along with the LaTeX
>> preamble?  That would be `org-latex-preview-preamble' and
>> `org-latex-packages-alist'.  I would like to reproduce this bug.

Please let us know if you can reproduce the precompilation failure.
This shouldn't be happening.

> No, AFAICT I don't see the issue with png previews.  

Sizing issues with pdflatex+svg previews should be fixed soon.

> However, all latex previews, \( \) and \[ \], seem to be of the same
> size now.

Should they not be the same size?

>> Previewing unadorned LaTeX macros is officially unsupported but
>> partially supported in practice.  If you move the cursor over the \ch{}
>> and call `org-latex-preview' it should be previewed.  From that point it
>> should behave like a regular LaTeX fragment.  Editing it should cause
>> the preview to be auto-updated (If you are using
>> org-latex-preview-auto-mode).
> Is there no automagic way to do this?  Like changing a regexp variable
> and hoping it would work till the end of timeā„¢.  (:

You can change `org-latex-preview--tentative-math-re' to suit your
needs.  This variable is used to identify LaTeX fragments when calling
`org-latex-preview'.  All subsequent checks involve the org-element api,
but for reasons I can't recall at the moment the initial search is via a


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