Am Samstag, dem 21. Oktober 2023 schrieb Max Nikulin:
> As a workaround you may define an Org macro that expands to
> @@latex:\newpage@@ and appropriate XML element inside @@odt:…@@.

Fair enough, this is possible, but then I have to consider each backend
I may export to and read up on how the respective backend does this. As
it stands, I just do not know how the piece inside @@odt:…@@ would have
to look like. If the decision here is to not add a page break feature to
org, then I will probably go that route, though.

> P.S. I am against using non-printable characters for markup. It might
> be an \... entity for page break inside a paragraph, "#+...:" keyword
> between block-level elements, etc.

I have no strong opinion on that, but I just thought that ^L seems like
a good fit, and I saw it used in Elisp files earlier so I thought it is
common enough to just reuse it.


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