>>> "JK" == Jambunathan K <kjambunat...@gmail.com> writes:

> I am the original author of ox-odt.el.
> The page break feature is available as part of
> https://github.com/kjambunathan/org-mode-ox-odt

> This is a fork of the ODT exporter in Emacs Orgmode.


Since I have used this exporter for some time now, I would like to share
a few thoughts.

I am «forced» in my university to interchange docx(odt) and excel(ods)
file with my colleagues.[1]. By interchange, I really mean editing
documents. For those of you, who had a similar experience, I presume you
can feel the pain.

Now there were a couple of features I needed and which the org vanilla
exporter did not provide:

    - odt: nested tables and page breaks

    - ods: you can export org-tables to ods in org-mode (I use the
      following wrapper)

(defun org-table-export-to-spreadsheet (arg) 
  "Export org table to varios first to cvs and then via LO/OO 
to various  spreadsheet  format, the most common are `ods', `xls' and 
  (interactive "sFormat: ")
  (let* ((source-file  (file-name-sans-extension (buffer-file-name 
         (csv-file (concat source-file ".csv")))
    (org-table-export csv-file "my-tbl-to-csv")
    (org-odt-convert csv-file arg)))

But formulas are not exported, nor can you export various tables to
different sheets.

The https://github.com/kjambunathan/org-mode-ox-odt exporter on the
other side, can:

    1. Export simple formulas such as *vsum* etc

    2. More complicated things like org-lookup-first and remote which
       are then exported as VSLOOKUP etc

    3. Export several tables in one org document to several sheets in an
       ods document.

For me, these features have speeded up my workflow considerably.

Two additional comments

    1. The exporter regularly merges the latest org versions into its
       fork, so there is no compatibility problem.

    2. The author/maintainer is very responsive to bug reports and keen
       to implement new features.

So in summary my experience has been entirely positive.


Uwe Brauer  

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