On 22/10/2023 16:00, Ihor Radchenko wrote:
Max Nikulin writes:

P.S. I am against using non-printable characters for markup. It might be
an \... entity for page break inside a paragraph, "#+...:" keyword
between block-level elements, etc.

What about all the above? We may provide entity, keyword, and also ^L.

I have not changed my opinion. Control characters should not be used for plain text markup.

^L might be inconvenient for users of browser-based tools (organice, etc.). Firefox displays it as a square with 0c code inside <textarea> and as some space in regular tags. In Chromium it is invisible similar to zero-width space. Fortunately browsers allows to copy a paste it, it is exemption from control characters that are stripped on copy to protect users from unexpected effects of paste.

However e.g. konsole (terminal application) shows a warning popup on attempt to paste text containing ^L.

My vote is for portability, so usage of ^L should be discouraged.

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