Liu Hui <> writes:

> When editing python src block using C-c ', the python shell is not set
> in Org edit buffer according to the :session header argument of the
> block. Consequently, commands such as python-shell-send-region cannot
> send python code to the correct python process. To address this, the
> attached patch defines org-babel-edit-prep:python in ob-python.el.

Makes sense.
I think we may drop a note about this new feature in ORG-NEWS.

> In addition, I tried to use org-src-associate-babel-session at first,
> but found it doesn't work because it is called when enabling
> org-src-mode, where org-src--babel-info is still nil. It seems it has
> stopped working since 203bf5870, and I think it is safe to remove it
> and related stuffs to avoid confusion.

I do not see it being used much, except and
Although, ob-ess-julia is deprecated and outshine only mentions this in
"TODO" comment.

To be safe, I'd prefer to mark `org-src-associate-babel-session'
obsolete and mention the removal in ORG-NEWS, pointing users to
`org-babel-edit-prep:..' instead.

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