Liu Hui <> writes:

>> 2. Check the new variable and attempt to run
>>    `org-babel-<lang>-associate-session' in org-src-mode definition.
> I think associating the edit buffer with some session doesn't require
> starting the session, which is at least feasible for ob-python. When
> editing python src block, users can use C-c C-p to start the session
> themselves for evaluating code. So it would be nice to allow a value
> of 'associate in the customization, which means just running
> `org-babel-<lang>-associate-session'.

I think we have a misunderstanding here.

Didn't we just discuss that C-c C-p in python is not equivalent to

Also, by "start a new session" I meant "start a new session if there is
none running already; if a session is already running, unconditionally
associate Org Src buffer with that running session".

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