Liu Hui <> writes:

>> What about displaying a yes/no query about starting a new session when
>> there is none?
> I think it is OK. I can add an option to allow users to disable the
> query. WDYT?

I now have second thoughts about obsoleting
If we need a customization for the new session dialogue, I expect that
users will be willing to set it for all src blocks that support such a
feature, not just python. But then we somehow need to make this global
customization visible to babel backend authors - something we normally
do using the set of org-babel-...:<lang> functions.

What I am thinking now is
1. Introduce a global customization for users to choose whether to
   start a new session in org-src buffers with allowed values t, nil,
   'ask, or an alist of (lang . t/nil/ask) for per-language customization.
2. Check the new variable and attempt to run
   `org-babel-<lang>-associate-session' in org-src-mode definition.


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