Joseph Turner <> writes:

>> See `org-open-file' IN-EMACS argument - we may use different handlers
>> to open file links. Currently, IN-EMACS can be 'system or 'emacs. But
>> nothing stops us from adding more options.
> Thanks!  Are you suggesting something like [[file+hyper:/]] ?


>> This will cause major issues when trying to export such links.
>> Except for HTML export that utilizes `org-html-link-use-abs-url', but
>> only for relative links.
> Yes, there are many users who rely on [[file:/index.html]] exporting to
> <a href="/index.html"> instead of <a href="file:///index.html">.

This is not what Org HTML export does. Only relative links are affected
by `org-html-link-use-abs-url':

Should we prepend relative links with HTML_LINK_HOME?

Absolute links always remain absolute.

>> Why not make [[hyper:/]] use the "default" hyperdrive the
>> Org file belongs to.
> I'd like for users to be able to take an existing directory of Org mode
> documents and copy them all into a hyperdrive.  I think the least
> surprising behavior is for the links between those files to continue
> working.  Perhaps the best option is for hyperdrive.el to make all "file"
> type links, explicit or not, point to other files inside the hyperdrive?
> In that case, there would be no way for Org mode files in a hyperdrive
> to point to the local filesystem.  Similarly, when Org documents are
> exported to HTML, there's no way to export <a href="file:///index.html">.

May you please elaborate? How is hyperdrive directory different from
local directory?

>> For example, see WIP patch where we expose setting id: link properties:
> How would the :follow function for "file:" links get access to the link
> search option?  IIUC, `org-link-open' handles "file:" links specially because
> they require
> (org-element-property :search-option link)

:follow functions are passed both path and search option.

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