Joseph Turner <> writes:

>>> I'd like for users to be able to take an existing directory of Org mode
>>> documents and copy them all into a hyperdrive.  I think the least
>>> surprising behavior is for the links between those files to continue
>>> working.  Perhaps the best option is for hyperdrive.el to make all "file"
>>> type links, explicit or not, point to other files inside the hyperdrive?
>>> In that case, there would be no way for Org mode files in a hyperdrive
>>> to point to the local filesystem.  Similarly, when Org documents are
>>> exported to HTML, there's no way to export <a href="file:///index.html">.
>> May you please elaborate? How is hyperdrive directory different from
>> local directory?
> On disk, hyperdrive data is stored by hash prefixes like so:
> /home/joseph/.local/share/hyper-gateway-nodejs/cores/
> └── 00
> ...
> This is similar to the way .git/objects/ directories are structured.
> ...
> Does that answer your question?

Not really.
May you please provide an example with an Org file containing file links
and how you envision to transform them? Will they be transformed
depending on the directory the Org file is located in?

>>> (org-element-property :search-option link)
>> :follow functions are passed both path and search option.
> How is the search option passed in?
> IIUC in org-link-open, the path argument passed in has no search option:
> (funcall (org-link-get-parameter type :follow) path arg)

You are right.
What we can do then is pass an extra argument to :follow function - the
link object. That way, :follow function can get all the information it

> By the way, I think this minor improvement could be made at the bottom
> of org-link-open:
> From 0c83446f16441df39618e43f964e18f672205d55 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
> From: Joseph Turner <>
> Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2024 00:24:30 -0800
> Subject: [PATCH] lisp/ol.el (org-link-open): Use let-bound :follow function

Applied, onto main; I added TINYCHANGE cookie to the commit message.

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