Joseph Turner <> writes:

>> May you please provide an example with an Org file containing file links
>> and how you envision to transform them? Will they be transformed
>> depending on the directory the Org file is located in?
> I don't want to transform the file links.  The idea is that an Org file
> "" could be copied into a hyperdrive, and [[./]] would
> point to a file called "" in the same folder in the hyperdrive.
> That way, you could copy both "" and "" from your local
> directory into a hyperdrive, the links between them would work as-is.
> Pseudo-code for a hyperdrive.el :follow function for file: links:
> (defun hyperdrive--org-file-link-follow (url &optional _prefix _link)
>   (when hyperdrive-mode
>     (hyperdrive-open
>       (hyperdrive-convert-path-to-hyper-url url option)) ;; Turns "/foo" into 
> "hyper://PUBLIC-KEY/foo"
>     t))
> (org-link-set-parameters "file" :follow #'hyperdrive--org-file-link-follow)

You do not really need Org mode to do this. Instead, it may be
sufficient to define a file handler in order to make things work
"magically". Check out 26.12 Making Certain File Names "Magic" section
of Elisp manual.

>> What we can do then is pass an extra argument to :follow function - the
>> link object. That way, :follow function can get all the information it
>> needs.
> I like this idea!  Would this change break existing :follow functions
> which only expect max two args?

No. We can preserve backwards-compatibility by checking :follow function
arity and only passing the extra argument with the :follow function
supports that many arguments.

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