Morgan Smith <> writes:

>> May you please provide a detailed reproducer demonstrating the bug you
>> are trying to fix? Such reproducer could be a basis of a new test.
> See a detailed reproducer attached to this mail.  It has a task defined
> as this:
> * TODO task
> SCHEDULED: <2017-03-06 Mon +2d> DEADLINE: <2017-03-10>
> Running said reproducer currently fails as follows (the numbers are the
> days of the month).
> (string-equal
> "06\nScheduled: task\n08\nScheduled: task\n10\nScheduled: task\nDeadline:  
> task\n"
> "06\nScheduled: task\n08\nScheduled: task\n10\nScheduled: task\nDeadline:  
> task\n12\nScheduled: task\n")
> As you can see, we expect to not see anything scheduled after the
> deadline if 'org-agenda-skip-scheduled-if-deadline-is-shown' is set to
> 'repeated-after-deadline', however, we actually see that things continue
> to be scheduled.  Hence the bug is that that option currently does
> nothing.

I think that you misunderstand the purpose of 'repeated-after-deadline
value. Let me provide an example:

    'repeated-after-deadline allows this task
    * Do me every day before March, 16th (included)
      SCHEDULED: <2013-03-12 mar. +1d> DEADLINE: <2013-03-16 sam.>
    to step being displayed after March, 16th.

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