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Morgan Smith <morgan.j.sm...@outlook.com> writes:

>> I think that you misunderstand the purpose of 'repeated-after-deadline
>> value. Let me provide an example:
>>     'repeated-after-deadline allows this task
>>     * Do me every day before March, 16th (included)
>>       SCHEDULED: <2013-03-12 mar. +1d> DEADLINE: <2013-03-16 sam.>
>>     to step being displayed after March, 16th.
> In my above example I have a task with a deadline of March 10th.
> My test shows that it will continue to be scheduled after March 10th, on
> the 12th.  That is wrong.  It is still scheduled on the 10th which is
> good.  Being scheduled on the 12th is wrong.

Right. This is because after 72c3f5e8e refactoring,
`org-agenda-skip-scheduled-if-deadline-is-shown' is only respected when
the deadline is actually shown.

However, judging from the discussion of the original feature request
it looks like the purpose of 'repeated-after-deadline value is broader
than just hiding scheduled record when the deadline record is actually
in agenda. AFAIU, the purpose is hiding the scheduled information
completely and unconditionally once the agenda day is beyond the

But then `org-agenda-skip-scheduled-if-deadline-is-shown' does not look
like the right place for this customization. It would make more sense to
have a dedicated custom variable for this. WDYT?

I am adding Bastien to the loop - he authored the original feature

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