Olivier Schwander wrote:

>> [here]: http://ictsoc.de/code/org-atom/example.atom

>Is there the source of this feed somewhere ? It would be nice to have a
>self sufficient example.

I've uploaded the source of the example feed to


But it's really as straightforward as the simple example in the

>> * Download and installation

>Maybe it would be useful to have the emacs lisp fragment users need to
>put in their .emacs file ? And add this part to the "Download and
>install" section of the online manual.

I'll put more detailed install instructions there as soon as there is
a decision about including org-atom into Org or not (yet).

>> 1.2 Headline properties
>> ========================
>> A headline that matches the TAGS/PROP/TODO query for feed entries
>> requires at least two headline properties to be present: The =ID=
>> property with a unique identifier of the headline (preferable a UUID)
>> and a property called =atom_published= containing a time stamp with
>> the date an entry should be considered to be published.  If these two
>> properties are not present, they are automatically created using Org's
>> default method to create ID properties[2] and current time and date for
>> the publishing
>> date[3]

>Maybe it should be better to extract timestamp from the usual timestamp
>below headlines, like this one:

>* Some title
>  [2010-06-16 mer. 14:19]


>* DONE Some title
>  CLOSED: [2010-06-16 mer. 14:19]

>Actually, with this solution, it would be better to remove the timestamp
>used from the export, since it will displayed by the reader.

The problem is, that the Atom specification requires an entry to have
at least a atom:updated element.  Thus there must be timestamp
somewhere.  Binding the timestamp to a special position in Org mode
markup would limit the functionality of the exporter.

However: I understand that it could be reasonable to not use a
property, but an already present timestamp.  What about something like

The name of the published and updated property can be customized.  It
can either be a string with the property name or the symbol
'timestamp_ia.  If it is this symbol, the exporter uses the first
inactive timestamp of a headline.  If the headline does not have an
inactive timestamp, the exporter throws an error.

>> 1.3 Export settings
>> ====================
>>   content:   turn on/off publishing content

>When content is t, the headline is exported both in title and in
>content, is this a feature or a bug ? If it's a feature, it should be
>nice to have an option to disable it.

Hah!  Good catch.  Never paid attention to this.  Just pushed a commit
that removes the title in the content element.

Thanks for the comment and suggestions.

  -- David

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