On 06/18/2010 09:03 AM, David Maus wrote:
Olivier Schwander wrote:

[here]: http://ictsoc.de/code/org-atom/example.atom

Is there the source of this feed somewhere ? It would be nice to have a
self sufficient example.

I've uploaded the source of the example feed to


But it's really as straightforward as the simple example in the

* Download and installation

Maybe it would be useful to have the emacs lisp fragment users need to
put in their .emacs file ? And add this part to the "Download and
install" section of the online manual.

I'll put more detailed install instructions there as soon as there is
a decision about including org-atom into Org or not (yet).

1.2 Headline properties

A headline that matches the TAGS/PROP/TODO query for feed entries
requires at least two headline properties to be present: The =ID=
property with a unique identifier of the headline (preferable a UUID)
and a property called =atom_published= containing a time stamp with
the date an entry should be considered to be published.  If these two
properties are not present, they are automatically created using Org's
default method to create ID properties[2] and current time and date for
the publishing

Maybe it should be better to extract timestamp from the usual timestamp
below headlines, like this one:

* Some title
  [2010-06-16 mer. 14:19]


* DONE Some title
  CLOSED: [2010-06-16 mer. 14:19]

Actually, with this solution, it would be better to remove the timestamp
used from the export, since it will displayed by the reader.

The problem is, that the Atom specification requires an entry to have
at least a atom:updated element.  Thus there must be timestamp
somewhere.  Binding the timestamp to a special position in Org mode
markup would limit the functionality of the exporter.

However: I understand that it could be reasonable to not use a
property, but an already present timestamp.  What about something like

The name of the published and updated property can be customized.  It
can either be a string with the property name or the symbol
'timestamp_ia.  If it is this symbol, the exporter uses the first
inactive timestamp of a headline.  If the headline does not have an
inactive timestamp, the exporter throws an error.

This would be a welcome addition. I would use it, and perhaps it would entice RMS to adopt Org Mode as well. It's pretty close to what he uses for his political notes:

1.3 Export settings
   content:   turn on/off publishing content

When content is t, the headline is exported both in title and in
content, is this a feature or a bug ? If it's a feature, it should be
nice to have an option to disable it.

Hah!  Good catch.  Never paid attention to this.  Just pushed a commit
that removes the title in the content element.

Thanks for the comment and suggestions.

   -- David

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Org Mode gets better all the time. Thanks again.

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