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Scott Jaderholm wrote:
>Unfortunately I haven't been able to get the sitemap/index feed
>feature in this or an older version to work for me. Can you add more
>details in Section 4.2?

>It mentions org-atom-publish-org-as-atom-index but it's not in

Yes, sorry.  I am behind with revising the documentation and as it
turned out, the sitemap function was completely broken.

I've pushed a fix for the sitemap function yesterday[1] and my current
(not yet published) section about the sitemap function reads like

| Org's Atom exporter provides a sitemap function to publish a single
| combined feed for all files in the publishing project.  To use this
| function you have to provide the mandatory feed meta data by setting
| the property =:publishing-url= to the base URL of the published
| project.  The sitemap functions assumes, that all files in the
| project's =:base-dir= are published relative to this URL and will
| create the feed's links pointing to the appropriate locations.
| If you prefer an ID for the feed that is distinct from the feed's URL,
| you can provide the ID with the =:feed-id= property.
| The name of the feed can be set by the =:sitemap-file= property and
| defaults to =sitemap.atom=.
| For example, this minimal project definition will publish a combined
| feed for all entries found in the project's files
| #+begin_src emacs-lisp
|   ("sitemap-feed"
|    :base-directory "~/project/webpage/"
|    :base-extension "org"
|    :publishing-directory "~/www/"
|    :auto-index t
|    :publishing-url "http://example.org/";
|    :sitemap-function org-atom-publish-feed-sitemap)
| #+end_src

So, the minimal definition
requires :publishing-url, :sitemap-function, and :auto-index to turn
on the sitemap.

Does this makes the sitemap publishing process somewhat clearer?

  -- David

[1] http://github.com/dmj/dmj-org-mode/raw/org-atom/lisp/org-atom.el
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