Hi Jeff,

> Well, I just answered my own question as far as getting MobileOrg to
> work... I just set the WebDAV directory to a local directory within
> Dropbox. I thought it had to be WebDAV (like that would make a
> difference).
> I'm still interested to know what everyone uses to sync working files, though.

I've got my Android rooted and have a ssh server running there. 

Then I use the following hooks to run the scp command to copy the files
back and forth.
(setq org-mobile-post-push-hook  '(lambda ()
"scp ~/org/mobile/*.org magic_home:/sdcard/stage")
(setq org-mobile-pre-pull-hook 
                        '(lambda ()
                                 (shell-command "scp 
magic_home:/sdcard/mobileorg/mobileorg.org /home/hw/org/mobile")

So my org files never leave my network and all traffic is encrypted. 

There is an ftp-server available for Android phones that should let you
do similar things, if you didn't root your phone.


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