Hi Jeff,

>> There is an ftp-server available for Android phones that should let you
>> do similar things, if you didn't root your phone.
> My phone is *so* rooted. Like the first thing I did after unboxing.
> The Verizon crapware was so annoying!
>> I've got my Android rooted and have a ssh server running there.
> I have a terminal emulator (I think it was installed with BusyBox).
> Did your terminal come with an ssh server, or did you hack it in? Any
> pointers or walkthroughs would be appreciated.

I have a HTC Magic, and use the Cyanogenmod ROM. There the ssh daemon
dropbear is included. It is just a matter to set it up.

A google search on "$YOUR_PHONE android dropbear" should tell you, if
this sshd daemon is running you your device as well.


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