Jeff Horn <> writes:

> I keep wanting to test out MobileOrg on my Android phone, but I'm
> having a heck of a time figuring out why the SD sync isn't working
> like I expect. I'd like to sync org files with a WebDAV server, if
> possible. I currently use Dropbox, but it doesn't offer WebDAV. I can
> mount a WebDAV server in the file system so it'll work *kind of* like
> Dropbox.

The org mode part just needs to have a directory it can put files into
so that the client can access them.  Then the mobileorg client has to
get at them.  So you have to have someplace where you can make both
work. I think the options are

* dropbox

Use a dropbox client locally, to make dropbox space appear to be part of
local filesystem, and just set org-mobile-directory to be in there.
MobileOrg (iphone) has support for that; not sure about android versoin.

I think it's ridiculous to use a 3rd party server without encrypting
your org files, but of course your privacy views may be different.

* local apache 

I have an org setup where I have org-mobile-directory set to ~/ORG-dav,
which is just a directory on my disk (NetBSD, UFS2, nothing fancy).  I
have apache configured to put that directory into the webspace, and
configure MobileOrg to do webdav there, and set up .htaccess.  I have to
be careful to set up permissions so apache as www/www can access the
files - it's a bit hairy.

* remote apache with ssh

I have another org setup where I have org-mobile-directory set:

(setq org-mobile-directory "/")

which causes org-mobile to use tramp to place/fetch the files.  I then
have the same apache setup.

* remote apache with a dav fs

I haven't set this up, but it should be possible to use a webdav fs
(fuse, etc.) on the computer with the org files to be the staging area,
so that emacs will write over dav.  This is pleasing from a permission
point of view, because then the files that apache deals with are
accessed by two webdav clients with the same credentials, and the apache
permission scheme and the unix permission scheme don't have to be

My apache setup is striaght by the book, with htdigest.

DavLockDB "/usr/pkg/var/httpd/DavLock"
Alias /org/gdt "/home/gdt/ORG-dav"
<Directory "/home/gdt/ORG-dav">
    Options Indexes

    AllowOverride AuthConfig
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all

    DAV On

    AuthType Digest
    AuthName "special-auth-name"
    AuthDigestFile someplace

        Require valid-user

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