Bernt Hansen <> writes:

> (François Pinard) writes:

>> I really have mixed feelings about capitalisation of #+WORDS, and
>> wonder if some consensus and good taste has developed over time among
>> Org mode users.

> A long time ago all capitals was the only way these keywords were
> supported.

Thanks, Bernt, for the historical perspective!

> I wouldn't spend too much time agonizing over the 'right' way

Truth is that I've been so agonizing for the whole of my computer life!
Each one his sickness, I guess... :-)

Keep happy!


P.S. Who, by the way, felt glad and relieved recently, seeing many
commits by Bastien correcting lots of spurious trailing white space. :-)

Should I say, I notice a strong correlation between rotten software and
the lack of attention to such details.  I'm not saying that avoiding
trailing white space is a guarantee of good software.  But I'm saying
that people unwilling to pay attention to details are not prone to pay
attention for a lot of other things, which is not good for software.

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