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> Hi, Org people.
> I really have mixed feelings about capitalisation of #+WORDS, and wonder
> if some consensus and good taste has developed over time among Org mode
> users.  What is the collective wisdom saying as being nicer among:


> Maybe this has already been debated to death?  I do not know for Org
> mode files, yet I know that style issues are usually flame-prone.  I'm
> surely not trying to start any kind of war.  Nevertheless, I would like
> if the manual and the Wiki select and document a preferred convention,
> and were amended to be very consistent on it.  So, I'll have a clear
> model to follow. :-)
> François

I have problems with RSI so try to minimise any key-chording, including
capital letters, as much as possible (hence my use of evil-mode in emacs
and extensive use of both completion and abbreviations for acronyms...).

But I am happy for everybody to use what they prefer and I am just happy
that org is case insensitive in general!

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